The Clock, 25.08.2017

The whole clock/time/day-changing system is finally complete… I guess.
I bet I’ll find some more stuff to add later but basically, it’s done.

(missing picture)

What does it do?

  • it uses a minute – day – month/season – year rhythm
    • all of them are adjustable
    • for example:
      • 24 minutes a day
      • 30 days a season
      • 12 months a year
  • it works independently from a common event, toggleable by a switch
    • it depends on the in-game timer system, therefore:
      • toggle it off to use the timer normally
      • toggle it on to use the clock
    • switching it on/off or skipping time works without bugs or other issues
      • the command $game_system.change_time(minutes) keeps an inner order to prevent an irregular rhythm
      • note: always set up the time using the change_time command when you toggle the switch on, the script rearranges itself anyway but it’s safer like this
        • note-note: you could also stop the timer before activating the clock but then it will start at 00:00 o’clock
  • with the changing daytime comes a changing screen tone (Dawn/Sunrise/Midday/Midnight, whatever you want) based on the time
    • the script will differentiate between indoor and outdoor maps if listed correctly
  • the calendar window shows the date and the daytime through the small icon in the top-left corner
  • probably forgot something

Maybe I’ll record a tutorial for that some time, it’s kinda complicated though.
If not, feel free to ask me on Twitter for help.

More System Stuff, 24.08.2017

Added the full tone schedule for the clock system. Finally.

(missing picture)

Also added some more intern functions for the clock and a new message command: \A[n] to automatically skip through text boxes after n seconds.

Still no story progress. Come on future me.

Bugfixes, 24.08.2017

After too much time spent on playing games myself, I decided to get back to work.

Bugfixes & System stuff:

All occurring errors caused by the new features when you start a new game, mostly undefined variables, have been fixed.

The calendar, as well as the hunger bars, have moved to their own classes. Plus, the calendar itself no longer depends on a common event. The clock still depends on the in-game timer, but as long as I don’t have any issues with separating them (clock and timer) I probably won’t change that.

The system concerning the hunger bars has been rewritten and compressed.
A player won’t notice any difference though.

New things:

I still didn’t finish the shipyard but I added this pigeon.

(missing picture of a nice pigeon)

Note to my future self:

Still gotta add all color tones for the calendar system and by that, you should probably rework the script too, as you did it with the hunger bars. And get up and finally finish the shipyard and the store or you’ll never come past the tutorial.

PS: The BalloonIcos are waiting for your attention too. It’s been one month, show them some love.

– Past You

Compass Feature, 08.08.2017

The Compass:

  • Gives out your current position
  • Directs you to your target (More accurate the closer you get)
  • Can be toggled on or off
  • You’ll probably be able to choose your own target (select a region) later to navigate you there, whenever you want, wherever you are
  • It would be possible to pinpoint quest goals (select a specific map) manually, though I like the aspect of exploring, I don’t know if I’ll add that

(missing link)

Current state of “Legends”, 08.08.2017

  • Maps:
    • planned: 49
    • build: 11 (hidden: 1)
    • accessible: 11
    • completed (Including NPCs & other events): 0
  • Story:
    • Intro, uncompleted
  • Scripting:
    • Custom Menu
    • Realtime Feature (changing daytime, calendar, hunger bar, etc.)

(missing link)

  • Inventory:
    • Items: 0
    • Quests: 1
    • Phone Numbers: 13 (uncompleted)
  • Screenshots:

(missing picture/s)