The Clock, 25.08.2017

The whole clock/time/day-changing system is finally complete… I guess.
I bet I’ll find some more stuff to add later but basically, it’s done.

(missing picture)

What does it do?

  • it uses a minute – day – month/season – year rhythm
    • all of them are adjustable
    • for example:
      • 24 minutes a day
      • 30 days a season
      • 12 months a year
  • it works independently¬†from a common event, toggleable by a switch
    • it depends on the in-game timer system, therefore:
      • toggle it off to use the timer normally
      • toggle it on to use the clock
    • switching it on/off or skipping time works without bugs or other issues
      • the command $game_system.change_time(minutes)¬†keeps an inner order to prevent an irregular rhythm
      • note: always set up the time using the change_time command when you toggle the switch on, the script rearranges itself anyway but it’s safer like this
        • note-note: you could also stop the timer before activating the clock but then it will start at 00:00 o’clock
  • with the changing¬†daytime comes a changing screen tone (Dawn/Sunrise/Midday/Midnight, whatever you want) based on the time
    • the script will differentiate between indoor and outdoor maps if listed correctly
  • the calendar window shows the date and the daytime through the small icon in the top-left corner
  • probably forgot something

Maybe I’ll record a tutorial for that some time, it’s kinda complicated though.
If not, feel free to ask me on Twitter for help.