Brainstorming, 25.09.2017

I’m thinking about achievements and listed some ideas. Some of them will be hard to implement so this is not final. Also, some of them might be story relevant anyway but I don’t know that yet.

  • Example name
    • Example description
  1. Equality
    • Discover Colin’s secret
  2. Refuge
    • Discover Gwendolyn’s secret
  3. Concern
    • Discover Henry’s secret
  4. More than a team
    • Get to know your teammates (unlock all 3 above)
  5. Heart of Steel
    • Discover Bree’s secret
  6. —more of that kind—
    • ~
  7. Legacy
    • Similar to 4. with another group of characters
  8. The Truth
    • Reach the end of the game
  9. Chosen
    • Commit a perfect playthrough (No hints what perfect means though)
  10. —secret achievement—
    • ~won’t spoil that, duh~
  11. Friends?
    • ~won’t spoil that, duh~ (Opposite to 12.)
  12. Enemies.
    • ~won’t spoil that, duh~ (Opposite to 11.)
  13. Take your time (unsure about that name)
    • Visit all panorama spots
  14. What’s on your mind?
    • Visit all panorama spots with all lead characters.
  15. Feeling whole (again)
    • Collect all soul fragments
  16. Inner demons
    • ~won’t spoil that, duh~
  17. Somethings wrong
    • ~won’t spoil that, duh~

That’s it til now.