Weather, 13.10.2017

Knights now has changing weather.

  • Weather may changes once a minute (= 1 ingame hour)
  • When it is sunny
    • 75% chance of staying sunny
    • 20% chance of rain
    • 5% chance of storm
  • When it rains/snows
    • 50% chance of staying rainy
    • 10% chance of storm
    • 40% chance of sunny weather
  • When it storms
    • 50% chance of staying stormy
    • 30% chance of rain
    • 20% chance of sunny weather
  • In cold areas, rain and storm are replaced by snow
  • It doesn’t rain in desert areas

Panorama Spots, 09.10.2017

Lean back and watch the sunset.
And if you do, you might trigger a monologue of your lead character.
Panorama spots are not marked and they only trigger if you stay at one point for some time but if you feel like the view is worth it, just enjoy it and you might get surprised.

(missing picture)

PS: Panorama Spots wield achievements 😉