Progress, 18.01.2018

It’s been a little silent here for a while because I haven’t been working since October but now I’m back with tons of progress!

First of all, I finally finished my scripts which concern the clock and the NPCs. I threw it all over and tried again from the very beginning and… it worked out. It was the stuff I was working on for months and I it took me just a week to make a new way better version of… everything. I have overcome a blockade I guess.

So now there is actually progress! I HAVE FINISHED THE MOTHERFUCKING SHIPYARD! An obstacle I avoided for so long. A couple of NPCs have been already scheduled, there are 3 (actually 4) new maps, 2 new cutscenes. I have also finally added all the balloon icons and made a couple new character sprites.

So stay tuned! Next up are the forest maps and the first quest and finally use of the menu features I implemented at the very beginning and wasn’t able to show them yet. See ya around.

Sincerely your unicorn.