The owner of this beautiful site and its content is me:
Luisa Herold, born on February 22. 1998 in Germany. (Have fun googling)
Pseudonyms: Lucia Lunar/Camyll Turner
Common usernames for bullshit and social media:
Einzelmais (former: xoxo4c756c75)
Gender: Unicorn
Pronouns: Idgaf


I am a (calculate my current age yourself)-year-old computer science student/artist/writer/musician.
As you see, I do a shitload of different stuff. Sometimes even at the same time.
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What else? I like fluffy animals and cookies and I basically hate humanity and pants. Thanks for your attention.

Privacy Policy

  • I do not use cookies, I eat them.
  • I do not collect your data because I do not care about your data.
  • I will not use your email (you can voluntarily enter in order to post a comment) to stalk you
  • I use an anti-spam plugin though


I used to post in english but since I decided to write my books in german at first, I will probably end up posting both. I will use tags to mark them and I am currently testing plugins, that let me apply tags to pages as well.