What’s next?

Unexpectedly some people are actually interested in my shit! (Thank you qwq)

So… plugins are such a mess ._.
You guys reading this probably know I often randomly post story snippets about how much I love this couple and how great is that scene and so on. Unfortunately, that stuff is usually completely out of context and probably not understandable for anyone but me >-> So how about we use this website (that’s been rotting around for a whole year by now) to give you guys some information about my stupid headcanon!

I wanted to put everything in a timeline but sadly, timeline plugins are shit ._. Like, you can edit post dates to make an individual order but that just didn’t work for me.
So I was checking out sliders but most sliders require pictures and I don’t have those because I can’t draw ._. Anyway, I eventually found a slider plugin, that can be manually ordered and supports text only display. (The Crelly Slider btw)

On the main page, you’ll find a big slider containing every single story post in chronological order (as long as they fit in there).
Also, I’ll put another slider for each chapter on the dedicated chapter page (which are yet to be made).
What happens to the wiki idea has yet to be decided. You can still access my character list though.

I still have a lot of things to edit but I’ll make sure to keep you updated. You know: like, subscribe and all that shit!

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