Matt, the womanizer

When the chapter III team arrives in Wills hometown in Emerald-sector, they run into his childhood friend Matt. As usual, the typical old friend is much cooler and better at literally everything and Will is terribly annoyed. Matt being a more capable magician than Will makes him question if he’s really supposed to be the wind guardian, especially because they are on their way to Emerald-temple.
But what sets him off the most is Lucy, who starts flirting with Matt. It forces Will to realize that he has romantic feelings for her even though he refuses to admit that. The usual calm and collected blonde goes rampage and starts a fight with his friend. Like, he actually hits him.
Before they leave town Will wants to apologize for his behavior but, to his surprise, Matt’s not mad at all. In fact, he’s sorry for disturbing their group dynamics and tells Will that he had no intentions with Lucy by saying “there’s someone, who would be even more angry with him than Will” – his girlfriend.

That is Matt’s first and last appearance but not the last time he’s mentioned. In chapter IV Matthew jr. is part of the protagonist team. His son being a wolf also indicates that Matt probably stayed together with his girlfriend because he told Will she was from Wolfsheim. Plus, it makes Matt part of the biggest family tree in the entire Legends universe because his great-grandson later marries Lucys and Wills great-granddaughter. Happy ending for all of them!

Sidefact: I love the name Matthew.

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