Why did Amethyst get captured?

A little bit of context first: Amethyst, part of the chapter II guardians, appears in chapter III when the team finds her in her temple, encased in a crystal. I changed a lot of things in chapter III but this has actually been part of the original storyline. So how did she get in there? I actually wrote the exact scene of her capturing (I’d put it here but I’d want to translate it first) as a kind of teaser at the beginning of chapter III. Soo…

The crystal she’s imprisoned in is her “birthplace”. She, as well as all the other chapter II guardians, have been sleeping in those for hundreds of years. Past tense. They’ve been awake for quite a while, their story is actually already over again. So they decided to give up on their guardian status and leave their temples for the next generation to come. For whatever reason, Amethyst does not participate in that kind of “sacrificing ritual”.

— Stop there… I have an idea.
I actually wanted to tell you how I have no valid reason why she isn’t with her fellow guardians. But I just realized… why would she? The other chapter II guardians also appear in chapter III as ghosts in their specific temple. It would only make sense if they died there too, right? So what if Amethyst actually planned to die alongside her friends but she got disturbed in the very worst moment? Congratulations, you just witnessed my story writing process.

So, Amethyst is in her temple and gets surprised by Karsh, my very favorite immortal villain. As she is slowly losing the connection to her fellow guardians and he is currently the master of the holy sword soulkeeper, she stands no fucking chance. Karsh beats the shit out of her, what she simply laughs off because killing her wouldn’t make a difference to her actual plan. But then he says “nobody talked about killing you” and she realizes where he had pushed her to go and what he had in mind. Encasing her back into her crystal would mean she couldn’t pass on her powers. Therefore: No more guardians (until chapter III duh). She tries to escape as well as taking soulkeeper away from him but she ends up getting imprisoned and the rest is really complicated ._.

That’s where I wanted to tell you how I have no valid reason… you know, I already said that. In the original version, Amethyst says that she was tricked by Karsh but I never really made up an explanation how he did that…

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