IT HAS SEVEN SPIKES! SEVEN! Not five, not six and certainly not eight! SEVEN!

I got one tattooed and sometimes people ask me about it. So I used to simply say “It’s a heptagram” but then people asked what a heptagram was I went all like “You know what a pentagram is right? Take a guess”.
But that’s not it. I started adding “It’s a star with SEVEN spikes” to avoid getting angry at stupid questions but then other people actually asked me if I was Jewish because of it o_o CAN YOU COUNT TO SEVEN?

Sorry for ranting, back to actual lore ._.

The heptagram is pretty much the logo of the entire Legends universe. I made it up somewhen between sixth and eighth grade I guess. I only remember that I spend the whole fucking day planning which color (element) goes where. Lemme tell ya: It’s science.
First of all, it resembles the elemental effectiveness on one another:
Let’s take away light and darkness, which are on the complete opposite sides and cancel each other out.
We are left with the more colorful elements. Starting with wind on the top left, it traces down to earth.
Wind > Earth > Electricity > Water > Fire.
Considering wind fuels fire, you can basically make it a circle. As I said: science.
Next, there are also some parallels to the continent itself such as:
Islands in the south-west, mountains in the south-east, plains in the north-west and desert in the north-east (and so on).
But those are only design fun facts.

Old version
Current version

Let’s go for its actual meaning inside of the story.
First of all, it differs a little bit from the logo design: The lines are usually continuous and in one color.
I imagine it being inscribed on books and monuments but I rarely ever described something like that in an actual scene.
It mostly appears as a symbol of strength somewhere on a magicians body. I say “somewhere” even though most of my characters wear it on their left wrist (which is also where I have mine tattooed, what a coincidence). It’s a mark that kinda grows onto the character, it is invisible at first but becomes stronger with the character growing stronger as well. So basically every magician has it to a certain degree, in the color of their element.
It may glow when a character is using his powers and it burns into his skin if said character is exceeding his limits. This hurts like hell and takes a long time to recover. If the mark burns out completely, you’re dead. It’s pretty much a health bar.

It’s a sign of unity between the seven elements and it’s a sign of strength and self-improvement. And I got it tattooed because it connects me to the characters I love. I feel like I totally forgot something.

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